Hornby Dublo Spares

Hornby Dublo Spares



A wide selection of Hornby Dublo spare parts - original, new, and reproductions - supplied to the UK and worldwide.

I have supplied surplus Hornby Dublo Spare Parts since 2002, and have run a Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout for over 40 years.

This website now offers these spares directly. The parts listed in the price list (click on one of the links on this page to find it) are a sample of my stock, a mixture of original Meccano-produced items and brand new reproduction parts. I usually have other bits and pieces, especially of the more common items. Obviously the stock comes and goes, so if you have specific requirements, let me know, or add my home page www.mtrains.co.uk to your favourites and come again later.

The original spares come from locos which have been neglected and whose best use is as donors; not from perfectly good engines. The reproduction parts come from specialist producers of the various items.

If you click on the links to the Dublo spares price list, you'll find over a hundred different items available with good accurate descriptions, links to good photographs, and which are reasonably priced. The items range from single specialist screws to complete chassis and sometimes complete locos - all with the Hornby Dublo running layout in mind. The descriptions and photographs should be good enough so that you can be quite sure whether the item will do the job you want. I try hard to describe accurately, warts and all - I want you to feel good about the purchase when you take delivery of the items.



All my items are displayed with links to large photographs so you know exactly what is for sale and what its delivered price is, and you can be sure that it will be properly packaged for the journey to you.

The items shown are only a proportion of what I have - availability fluctuates, obviously. I have also published copies of the original Hornby Dublo Service Sheets and information about Hornby Dublo armatures and magnets for reference; you will find links to them from this website.



Please get in touch, I welcome any enquiry, I don't mind if it's trivial or what it is - if you're not sure what you need (or just want to see if I still exist!) send me an e-mail - you'll normally get a response within 24 hours, although I do reserve the right to have the occasional break. It's better if you email me to confirm availability and get my full contact details before posting cheques! In addition to this I sometimes list on auction sites.


Very best wishes, John



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