I thought that it might be useful to put up the unedited comments which many kind Hornby Dublo enthusiasts have made in emails after receiving their spare parts, since you can’t see feedback in the way they do it on some other websites. Hope this helps.



PH (UK): Bit of feedback for you - the 'White Traction tyres' for 00 gauge are brilliant and I will be ordering some more in due course.


DA (UK): Hi John, parts arrived today, Thanks,


GG (UK): Hello John, Spares arrived today in super-fast time, thank you. Have a great Christmas. Best wishes


RB (UK): I received A4 coal to day thank you


SB (UK): Hi John! Many thanks for your reply and investigation. I’ve just checked this site and I believe this relates to what I have. Thank you so much for what you have told me. I would never have found what I am looking for without your expertise. I am very grateful. Cheers.


RB (Germany): Hello John, We are totally happy! We received the order yesterday. Everything is perfect. That’s a five star feedback for you. My husband worked till midnight having fun with the new items. Thank you very much again. Have a nice weekend. Best wishes,


SA (UK): Hi John, Goods arrived today thanks. Will fit once winter draws in. Thanks for your help. Regards /




DA (UK): Hi John, parts arrived today,  thank you.


AA (Australia): Hi John, Thank you for your help, the packet arrived safely yesterday and I am looking forward to the fiddly job of reassembling the locomotives. Best wishes


DY (Australia): Hi John, .The replacement armature arrived today in good condition – thanks for the great service, and I hope to deal with you again in the future. Regards


SC (UK): Hello John, The armature was received yesterday and the loco is now running very well. Many thaks for a great service.


DA (UK): Hello John, Parts arrived today,thankyou ,have at long last completed restoration of a broken 8F that I wrecked as a child!(60 years ago!)…..also would be interested in a complete 3 rail tender for same. Thanks for your help,


AMP (UK): Thanks, John. The parts arrived safely this morning and I have taken them to my friend. Many thanks for excellent service.


AS (UK): Hello John. Just to advise the tyres arrived ok today. Many thanks,


RS (New Zealand): Hi John, Parcel finally arrived in Auckland New Zealand. All good, thank you. Regards


KH (South Africa): Hi John, …….Anyway, I gave the loco’s a run the other day and all appears to be well.  All three of them run just as well as my other loco’s…. It was certainly nice to have met you and thanks for fixing up my problems….Keep well and all the very best. Regards


PN (UK): John Items ordered have arrived safe and sound. Many thanks again..'til the next order.


GL (UK): Hi John Thanks for the timely despatch of the dublo deltic spares…..like your service and shall keep in touch! Best Wishes


RR (UK): Hi John,chassis arrived this morning,thanks. Another one for you,would you have a City Tender & Montrose / Atholl front bogie,the tender i was intending to use is now behind a scruffy Athol loco awaiting the paint shop. Cheers,


PC (Spain): Hi John, The new magnet arrived today and, following your advice about rotation, all my locos now move in the right direction. Many thanks for your help and excellent service Thank you


AK (Germany): Hello John everything was well and now I can bring all signals to illuminate. Thank you so much for the mission. I will continue to order from you. I hope they continue to be my condition and help me when ordering replacement parts. Thanks again. Best regards


PC (Spain): Hi John, The package arrived today and is now fitted and working so you can add another very satisfied customer to your list…. Thanks again for great service.


DML (UK): Order received today with many thanks, will tackle job on a Monday DIRECTLY!!


SF (New Zealand): Arrived safely. Many thanks. 


RS (United Kingdom): hi john received traction tyres today once again many thanks for your help,


RL (Australia): hi john, received magnets yesterday , thanks again


JM (United Kingdom): Thank you for the traction tyres, they arrived yesterday, my Co- Bo now up and running. Kind regards


PB (United Kingdom): Dear John, Just to let you know that the nuts etc. arrived this a.m.  Many thanks for your excellent service. Regards


MW (United Kingdom): Dear John, All received safe and well. I'll get the screwdriver out straight away! Many thanks, Sincerely,


SF (New Zealand): Arrived safely on the other side of the world!! Thanks


GW (United Kingdom): Many thanks John - items received today. 


TP (United Kingdom): Hi John. My package was received this am as promised. All present and correct. Thank you for speedy expedition of my order and I look forward to buying from you in the future. Have a great summer, and thanks again. Best regards,


AT (United Kingdom): Hello  John, I have just sent off your payment £98.60, please don't bother with a part-exchange cheque, you have done so much for me these three or so years, all your products have been of a extremely high quality.  Thank you so much!  I'll send off the loco bits as soon as I find a suitable box! Kindest regards, 


LN (Australia): Hi John, Magnets arrived today - thanks again. Cheers,


BL (Australia): Hi John, Just to let you know the Dublo signal globes arrived in good order. Many thanks for your excellent service and assistance. Regards,


DML (United Kingdom): Hello John, Parcel received, many thanks. The tender is superb and is sitting  pride of place behind Golden Fleece…. Many thanks


LD (United Kingdom): Hi John sorry for the delay I was away for a couple of days. The items arrived OK. Thank you very much for your help. Regards


BC (United Kingdom): hi john many thanks the parts arrived safely this morning, ….best regards




RS (United Kingdom): hi john received the loco brackets today many thanks,….once again john many thanks


ST (Australia): Hello John, The package arrived early, yesterday morning, in good order. I am very pleased with the locomotive. It certainly  is in excellent condition. Many thanks for the very fast delivery! With best wishes,…P.S. The locomotive was in much better order, than the photographs would suggest!


BQ (Republic of Ireland): hi john recieved wheels and plug today  kind regards


RW (United Kingdom): John I wish to thank you, for the rear bogie assembly, received today, and the efficient and professional service you provide. I wonder if you can help further.


EH (United States of America): My order arrived safe and sound on Monday. My Sir Nigel Gresley runs like a champ now. Thanks again.


DS (United Kingdom): HI John All safely received, thank you! Sir Nigel is ‘going like steam’ now ;-) Will be scanning your parts list for my other loco restorations in due course Thanks again!


CMA (United Kingdom): John, Just to let you know these brushes arrived today. Thank you.


SB (United Kingdom): John, Diesel shunter items have arrived thank you


DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Second set of bulbs delivered today. Thankyou,


MH (United Kingdom): Absolutely superb, I shall enjoy the weekend…


KW (United Kingdom): Hi John, Package arrived safe and sound, goes to show, nexr day on second class stamp takes some beating!!


DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Parts arrived today,thankyou.


BQ (Ireland): hi john received today many thanks


MG (United Kingdom): John Items received this morning many thanks hope to order again soon. Regards


CG (United Kingdom): Hi John, Armature for D of Montrose arrived this morning, All fitted and running well. Thanks for prompt service.


NB (United Kingdom): Hi John, just a line to let you know that my armature arrived safe and sound this morning, many thanks. best regards


EB (United Kingdom): John Train arrived safely on Wednesday. Have tried it today and it’s back to pulling a full load – thank you. There is such a difference in the strength of the magnet that I think I will purchase one for the other train. (Neomagnet Type D83) Please quote price and delivery. Best regards


GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Couplings and rivets arrived safely today (Wednesday) thank you. Kind Regards


AA (Australia): Hi John, Thank you, the armature received and fitted and the locomotive runs as good as new. Best wishes


BM (United Kingdom): John, The steel balls arrived today and fit nicely.  They only made a slight difference to the running!  Neverthelaess they ought to be there so I'm glad they are in there and thanks for your prompt service.


JS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just a quick note to confirm safe receipt of magnets & armature earlier today. Many thanks. Best regards,


BT (United Kingdom): Hello John, The armature for the 2-6-4 tank arrived this morning. Many thanks Kind regards,


BM (United Kingdom): John, The '3-rail' tyres I bought off you in September are working fine!  Thanks for those, I've had trouble with previous ones. Now I need…


SL (United Kingdom): Thanks John All arrived this morning


GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Couplings & rivets arrived safely today thank you. Regards,


BS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Goods all arrived and working. Many thanks for quick service and also for the tip about reduced voltage. The signals are now on the 12v supply! All the best for the New Year, Yours,


EH (USA): Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safe and sound Tuesday. Thanks again. Happy New Year


AA (Australia): Hi John, I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and may you be happy and healthy in 2016 Good news, the magnet and brushes have been safely delivered in my absence so all OK. Looking forward to getting them installed in the locomotive Best wishes


IF (United Kingdom): John Just to let you know the spares arrived safely today – I’m very pleased, thank you. Have a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Regards


MS (United Kingdom): Hi John Arrived today Many thanks Kind regards


PM (United Kingdom): John, I had not a chance to work on the locomotive until the weekend and its all good news. The wheel fit perfectly and the coupling rod pins also worked – they were the right size. The locomotive runs smoothly – I would say for the first time in perhaps 30 years. I will look for a controller and more track now to start with. Many thanks again for your help,


JF (United Kingdom): Hello John Success at last, thank you. You were also right about the insulating tape as sleeve (G99) is a bit of a pain without the right tool. Happy Christmas


DG (United Kingdom): Hello John You recently supplied me with a body for  a West Country 3 rail loco with which I am very pleased. I wonder if you can help again please - all HD 3 rail…


RP (United Kingdom): Thank You John Items' arrived yesterday, in great order. Best Regards

CL (United Kingdom): Hi John,thanks received the items yesterday. Those neo magnets have turned the old duchess into the flying scotsman,a great investment. Regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Parts arrived today+change, Thanks ,

DH (United Kingdom): John Armature arrived in post today; fitted and working a treat. Many thanks for your efficient service. Best wishes

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Friday) thank you. Hope you have a good Christmas and all the best for 2016. I’ll no doubt be in touch. Regards,

RB (Belgium): Good morning John, The tender arrived yesterday but I got it this morning as a neighbour had taken care of it during my absence. It is fine and will be repainted as soon as I get round to it. Thank you for this excellent transaction…. All the best,

LN (Australia): Hi John, The magnets arrived today - thanks again. Cheers,


BM (Australia): Dear John, The piece for the half inch Dublo motor arrived safely. Thanks,

KH (South Africa): Hi John, Just to let you know that RH phoned me from Manchester this morning to tell me that he had received the loco parts that I had ordered from you. Thanks so much for your prompt service as always. Keep well. Regards

CL (United Kingdom): Hi John,many thanks for items safely received and so nice to see the Duchess running great again. Regards

EH (United States of America): The Hornby parts arrived safe and sound today. Very nice chassis by the way. Thank You.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Couplings arrived safely today (Saturday) thank you. The N2 front coupling repair kit works well too. Thanks again Regards

AD (United Kingdom): Received this morning. Perfect. Thanks.

DG (United Kingdom): Hello John The West Country body arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it.Not quite sure what do do about the paintwork, but it is not as bad as I anticipated. Many thanks for your help and very quick and excellent service Best Wishes

BQ (Republic of Ireland) hi john received bulbs novel packaging kind regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thanks for holding my order,it arrived today. Do you have any west country wheel sets to fit one of the chassis? I would be very interested if you have. Again thanks for your help,

CL (United Kingdom): Hi John …Many thanks for the two armatures delivered received last week. Regards

RMI (United Kingdom): Received loco spares,all perfect and great prices. Pleasure doing business. Sincerely,

GT (United Kingdom): Hi John. Magnet arrived today. Thanks very much. Just what the old train needed plus a little lube. Much appreciated.

AN United Kingdom): Hi John Just a short note to let you know that I have at last got round to replacing the "live" brush tube and insulation and the Loco is "going like a train". In the end I used electricians insulating tape wrapped around the tube - a rather obvious solution I think you will agree. It has worked a treat. A small point - the new brass brush sleeves have a very slightly larger internal diameter than the original. Not really a problem - just splay the brush retainer pins slightly. Thanks for your help. Kind regards

AK (United Kingdom): Hello John, parts received and fitted. New armature works well. Thank very much.

TJ (United Kingdom): Order received - Thank you

GG (United Kingdom): Hi John, Many thanks for the service, the parts arrived this morning so I'll finish the Deltic off this weekend and pass your compliments slip and the refurbished locomotive back to it's owner next week. Once again many thanks,

RP (United Kingdom): Thank You John, the 2.6.4. chassis has been built into my partly renovated engine, it was as described and will give excellent service, my old and very tired chassis can now be renovated at my leisure. Best regards

BM (United Kingdom): John, The tyres arrived today and I've successfully fitted them (some of the old ones took a bit of scraping off!). They look good, time will tell! Thanks,

RH (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to say thanks for the speedy delivery of the kit which arrived yesterday. Looking forward to tackling the conversion. Will let u know how it works out! Best wishes

MR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know the spares arrived ok, thank you very much for your quick service and help, its very much appreciated. Kind Regards,

SH (United Kingdom): Package received OK Thanks

AA (Australia): Hi John, To confirm packet arrived safe and sound yesterday (Friday). Fitted and working although needing some fine tuning on the bearing and tension on the bushes Thank you for your help, an excellent service. Yours sincerely,

DF (United Kingdom): Hi John Parts arrived safely and fitted. The castle showed a small improvement but it ran quite well anyway. "City of London" improvement was fantastic. The old magnet had very little "pull" So both are up and running well. Thank you

MT (United Kingdom): Hi John, The magnet arrived in the post today, thanks again

TP (United Kingdom): Hi John. Consignment arrived yesterday but was out so didn't collect from RMSO 'til today. Everything present and correct. Thanks for your excellent service. Talk again soon. Best regards,

AD (United Kingdom): Hello John. arrived this morning, the usual excellent service. Cheers

BD (United Kingdom): Hello John, My Tanker arrived on saturday am safe and sound, and I am pleased to say ran very well when tested on my layout. Many thanks for your help. Regards

JC (Australia): Hey John - many thanks, it arrived in good time. We have returned home to Australia, Charlie has put the new part in and all is GO!!! We are both so happy that after all these years she is working again! I just feel a bit guilty that Charlie has missed out in his younger years to play with it. Nevermind, he is enjoying now and may well be able to pass on to his kids in years to come. Thanks for your help and advise. Regards.

Hi John Just to let you know that the traction tyres are fitted and have made a big difference to my locos. Thanks again

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Parts arrived today,thankyou.

MS (United Kingdom): Hi John Items arrived today and fitted, works a treat. Many thanks Regards

CO (United Kingdom): Good evening John Thank you for my last parts order, which arrived promptly and in perfect condition…. Regards

RP (United Kingdom): Hi John, Items received this morning. Many thanks

MF (United Kingdom): Dear John, Many thanks for the delivery of my order. It is such a change to find someone who can offer a service like yours. Difficult to obtain parts, at a sensible price with courteous and speedy delivery. If I require anything else for my Hornby railway I shall certainly be in contact again. Regards,

DML (United Kingdom): Hi John Package arrived safely this morning, spanner already in action. I have acquired the Bo Bo and may need a ball bearing No 14456 , however i am expolring the motion at present. Again once again many thanks for the service….Regards

DL (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know the gear wheels arrived safely and are now installed, the engine is running like new, not bad for fifty year plus. I’m away for a few days but will be in touch when I return, I’m after a few suppressors, the yellow ones that fit on the power bogie. once again thank you Regards

BQ (Ireland): hi john received thanks

JC (United Kingdom): Hi John All parts arrived - many thanks. It looks like I also need a replacement armature for the Co - Bo (Item P16). I can provide the burnt out one in part exchange. Can you confirm availability and price and I'll forward cheque and armature. Best regards

FF (United Kingdom): Hi John, Pickups arrived yesterday and were fitted without any problems…. Thanks. Best regards,

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely this morning thank you. Kind regards

TM (Republic of Ireland): Hello John, Thanks for organising those items. Hope to do business again soon. Best wishes,

JC (United Kingdom): Hi John Many thanks. Pick ups received and they work fine ! I am now embarking on a restoration of a Co-Bo and would like to purchase the following from you:…

MB (United Kingdom): Got it today. Perfect. Thank you very much.

KA (Australia): John.My order has arrived Today.Thank you,

DW (United States of America): Hi John I received the parts today. As usual they are quality items. Thanks for the 2 extra pickup spring wires. Now that I know what a good pickup looks like. I think I can salvage the old one. Always nice to have a spare on hand. The wheel hangers looked real good. Are they NOS or repros? Most of the couplers I have replaced is due to the vertical uncoupler stem has been cutoff or broken off. I have a little jig I use on my drill press to remove the coupler rivet and press in a new one or the old one again if it comes out clean. At first I used my rotary tool to grind out the old rivet. But that was messy. Thanks again for your prompt response to my request. Cheers

BQ (Ireland): hi john received thanks kind regards

TW (United Kingdom): Hi John Parts arrived today, locos done and dusted Many thanks Regards

DML (United Kingdom): John, Please accept my apologies for not acknowledging your supply of the traction tyres recently, they have arrived and I am happy with them …. however I will be in touch when I require further spares. Many thanks for your prompt response to my orders.

KL (United Kingdom): John The motor has arrived today. Fitted and now working fine in it’s new home. Will most likely be doing business again in the future. Many thanks.

FM (Australia): Hi John, The Dublo parts I ordered from you arrived today and were perfect, no problems at all…. Thanks for digging those parts out for me…Anyway all the best I'll keep your operation in mind and pass the info on to my Dublo friends.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Wednesday) thank you….Regards

RS (United Kingdom): John - who on earth thought of those tiny ball bearings at the top of an N2 armature? Finally got round to putting in one of those you sent me - what a fiddle! Anyway, at last my N1is done - HD N2 chassis with flanged centre drivers from an R1 tank; new cab made from brass button stick for front plate, plastic metal for the new shape, your extra powerful magnet, microclear cab windows, and after God knows how many years, she's done and I like her! Thanks for your help with spares.

MW (United Kingdom): John, Received today and miles better than the tyres previously in use which would have been bought around 1985.

TP (United Kingdom): Hi John. Package arrived this morning. All good. Thanks for your speedy and kind attention. Best regards,

RR (Australia): Hi John, Thank you for the items. I received them on Friday last week. Regards

RS (United Kingdom): Hallo there John, Thanks for the recent delivery of H/D spares , was away when they arrived so haven't had the chance to let you know they had arrived . I now have 2 more fully functioning locos in brilliant running order with the help of your stocks of spares . Many thanks will no doubt need your help again before too long. Best regards

BK (United States of America): John, Parts arrived today. Many Thanks!

NJ (United Kingdom): Hello John, A quick email to confirm safe receipt of the armature. I have fitted it and performed a quick test and I have to say I'm delighted. The locomotive is rejuvenated just as I had hoped it might be. I'll certainly know where to come should I need other parts in the future. Thanks once again for your excellent service. Regards

RB (United Kingdom): Received your N2 chassis today thank you

CMC (United Kingdom): John, Parts received today, thank you. Should put life back into Silver King, Duchess and the 2-6-4! Regards,

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Have fitted new armature today and it has made a huge difference, the loco now runs very well with lots of pulling power. Thanks ,will be in touch soon for more bits!

RS (United Kingdom): Morning John, The spares arrived safely yesterday, I am impressed with your fast and efficient service. The armature looks excellent, the loco certainly will benefit with fitting that and the new magnet. So many thanks, a pleasure to do business with and will be back if there is any thing else Dublo I need. Regards

DT (United Kingdom): Hello John, Everything arrived safely and I have done the work on my engines…Regards

PR (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spanners arrived today, all satisfactory. Many thanks,

IW (United Kingdom): Great news, John. That means I can do the repairs by end of the week. The locos are going back to their 95-year old owner in Ireland, who hasn’t seen them run for decades. I won’t be there to see his smile but I’m glad to be able to make a difference—with your help, of course. Regards

IW (United Kingdom): Hi John, I received my order on friday 02 January 2015 am. Many thanks for your quick postage, especially as you dealt with my order on Wednesday 31 December 2014 rather than your normal dispatch days. I'll fit the new traction tyres to my HD Bo-Bo in the next few days and let you know how they perform. Many Thanks Once again for your superb service, Best Regards and a Happy New Year     


JW (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to let you know, the parts arrived this morning. I have to say they look great as usual............:- Good Parts Great Service It's a pleasure to do business with you John. I hope you and yours have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best Regards

RB (United Kingdom): Hello John, I have now fitted the armature and bearings, the old Duchess is now up and running very well….I am very pleased to have our two locos back in full working order. Many thanks for your help and have a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards

MS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know I received the parts today and everything is good. Thank you very much. You should hear from me again in the future for some more parts when I eventually have some spare time to look at my old loco collection. Happy Christmas and New Year. (A tad early I know!) Best regards

RB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to say a big thank you for the armature and magnets for my Duchess….Many thanks

PG (United Kingdom): Thanks very much received order everything ok

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, parts arrived today thankyou. The duchess motor is excellent,runs very well and also thanks for the spare pickup shoes. Will try the A4 motor with the new mag. and if needed will order the armature(perhaps after Christmas!) Again thanks for all your help this year, Happy Christmas,

JM (United Kingdom): Hi John, many thanks for the order, it arrived today. Regards

DG (United Kingdom): John, the Duchess tender arrived this morning. Very pleased with it, minimum work required. Thanks once again.

RW (United Kingdom): all received in a1 order usual excellent service t v m regs

JW (United Kingdom): ….ps the suppressor unit you supplied for my old N2 rec'd & it's working well.

NA (United Kingdom): Hi John Goods arrived yesterday- thank you. I meant to ask if you have any replacement class 20 bogie side panels? I have 2 on which the plastic socket is broken. I might just try some Blue-Tack if you don’t, however.

CP (United Kingdom): Hi John, Received magnet today and the engine has run for the first time in 45 years ! Great ! ! ! Many thanks,

PK (Australia): Hi John, I caught up with my mate on Sat and saw the chassis run for myself – like new… we are so pleased with it. He’s going to email me a copy of the service sheet with the parts we need marked which I’ll pass onto you…… Thanks again – appreciate all your good advice and assistance. Regards,

AM (United Kingdom): hello John Just to let you know that the items arrived this morning and are already fitted and working well. Thank you for a first class service

PK (Australia): Hi John, The chassis arrived safely (not surprising considering how well it was packed). I’ve passed it onto my friend for fitting. We may be after a couple of screws (at least one for one of either the leading or trailing bogies)… Thanks again for all your help – we were both amazed at how clean the wheels were – how’d you do that? Kind regards,

JT (United Kingdom): Hi there Parts arrived today and I put the loco together and it works well, thank you.

BQ (Ireland): hi john received pickups thanks kind regards

KM (United Kingdom): Thank you. All arrived safely and the engine is running perfectly.

BQ (Ireland): hi john armature and screw arrived today many thanks

DW (United States of America): Hello John; I received the items on Friday. But was not able to get to the Post Office until Saturday morning to actualy pick the package up. All items were correct. The pony is in very good condition. I am well pleased with it and all the other items.

Dear John, Received your 2 packets of tyres ok.Just got round to fitting two to the 2-rail Class 29.Fit just fine & now pulling a train of shell tankers no bother .Train passing through ARDGILL (pic attached)!! Many Thanks,

PW (United Kingdom): Hi John I received the tyres you sent today. Just the job With Regards

AT (United Kingdom): Dear John, you recently supplied me with new tyres for my Hornby DMU which I have now fitted and it is running well again.

RS (United Kingdom): Hi John Goods Arrived ok

BQ (Ireland): hi john received thanks kind regards

DF (United Kingdom): Hi there, Brushes fitted, loco running like new Thank you

RL (Australia): magnet received today, loco goes great -thanks john.

CB (United Kingdom): John, Just to confirm that everything arrived this morning so really, really pleased.

NA (United Kingdom): Hi John I have received my packet – thank you. Do you have any more of the complete castings for the coco/co/bo?. I fitted it last night & all works. The magnet is very powerful – shows up the old one as very weak.

TD (United Kingdom): John, Arrived at lunchtime and now fitted. Many thanks

TD (United Kingdom): John, Parcel received today. All OK. Minor problem the brushes for the half inch motor do not fit the BoBo. No need to send them back as I have 5 or 6 locos that will accept these brushes, Question is do you have brushes for BoBO they are about 3 - 4 mm longer than the half inch motor ones. Those traction tyres looked very small but fit perfectly one down a few more to do.

IW (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just a quick e-mail to advise that spares arrived safely on Wednesday (am). Have fitted brush assembly to my Duchess, which is now going well. Many thanks for your efficient and helpful service once again, Best Wishes

DG (United Kingdom): Hi John,goods have arrived ok,just the job.

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Little spanner arrived today, very nice! Thanks very much.

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, parts arrived today,thanks again.

DA (United Kingdom): Thanks John, parts have been delivered.,will be in touch again soon!

SW (United Kingdom): Hi John Items received, Thanks The armature is excellent and the neo magnet fits perfectly. My Sir Nigel Gresley is now gliding around the track, supremely quiet, drawing 0.26 amps. Superb. Kind Regards

JE (United Kingdom): Dear Mr Holland I am pleased to report that goods arrived safely this morning, thank you. Yours sincerely,

RS (United Kingdom): John, Just wanted to thank you for the spares you sent some time ago. I finally plucked up courage to tackle the replacement of the flangeless centre drivers with a spare flanged pair left from a rewheeled 0-6-0 chassis. Bit of a fiddle tapping one out first, replacing it, fitting one of your pins to maintain the quartering, then doing the other and trying to get them pressed on with the correct back-to-back. New magnet in - they sure are powerful! bit of an oil round and off she went. Slight wobble on one of the centre drivers which needs careful adjustment and off she shot with our breakdown train. Very pleased with the overall results, bearing in mind that this conversion from H-D's rather inaccurate N2 to the prototype N1started in 1973, the loco probably being 50 years old now. Wonder if today's plastic will last as long! Keep up the good work. Regards

DA (United Kingdom): Thanks John, Tender arrived today,just the job. Thanks again,

NA (United Kingdom): Hi John Thank you for the tyres - they fit perfectly! Many thanks

BC (United Kingdom): hi john many thanks the pickups arrived ok this morning,…

JT (United Kingdom): Hi John Wheel sets arrived today. Thankyou. Have converted two carriages and two wagons. Regards

JS (United Kingdom): Hello John, The package of bits and pieces arrived safely on Saturday. Many thanks for a great service! best regards

FM (Spain): Hello, John: Many thanks for the spares which arrived a couple of days ago…. Regards

JT (Australia): John, the parts arrived today, many thanks

SB (United Kingdom): The quality of parts from you is first class, and the knowledgeable advice given is worth is worth the cost of the parts alone. The service is excellent, and I am sure that those of us repairing and running 50 year old Hornby Dublo are very grateful to you. I certainly am."

MW (United Kingdom): John, Received in good order and in use. Many thanks,

SB (United Kingdom): Hi John. The parts arrived , thank you for your prompt service, nice quality parts too! As luck would have it, I now have a two rail Wrenn 08 that I want to convert to 3 rail. Can you supply the following?...

RJ (United Kingdom): Good Morning John, Order arrived promptly, well packed safe and sound this morning. Many Thanks

TS (United Kingdom): Thank you very much items received today

DW (USA): Hi John Received the package today. All came through just fine. Your packing is all ways great. Put the armature in and tested loco. Runs great. I am pleased with all the parts you sent me. I hope to get to the BoBo diesel tomorrow and replace the brushes and put on the tires. You must have a cat. Every package you have sent me was packed in a “cat food box. We have 4 cats, 5 dogs and a parrot. Cheers

BD (United Kingdom): Many thanks John - everything received this morning Cheers

DA (United Kingdom): Thanks John, Part arrived today, very happy with it especially the brass worksplates! Thanks,

DL (United Kingdom): Thank you for a speedy transaction I am very pleased with the service. 100% recommendation. Regard’s

PR (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thanks for sending the A4 2rail chassis. Having straightened a couple of rods, I now have it running using parts from my 3 rail chassis. Do you have an A4 bogey with plastic wheels? Many thanks,

BT (United Kingdom): Hello John, The brushes for the half inch motor arrived yesterday and I have now got the engine working.

TS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Sorry for the late acknowledgement but have been in Snowdonia for the past week. Just let you know the couplings & loco tyres have arrived safely. Many thanks.

TW (United Kingdom): Hi John Armature arrived to day and fitted this evening, loco runs fine…. Many Thanks

BC (United Kingdom): hi john many thanks for the armatures they arrived in the post on Saturday morning

CH (United Kingdom): Hi John, Many thanks for sending out my 4 bulbs, the package was safely received here on Saturday….Regards, Chris.

JA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know that the Pins arrived safely yesterday and that they are the correct size for the 2-8-0….Thanks for your help in this matter, Kind Regards,

CH (United Kingdom): Hi John, The parts arrived today – thank you! – and have been fitted into the locomotive – all’s good – albeit it took me some attempts to get the top bearing adjustment correct – and Golden Fleece is running just fine! ( and by the way, that neo-magnet is incredibly powerful!!!). I’m wondering if you can help me with a some other projects I have?

FM (Spain): Hi, John: Thanks for sending the armature which arrived OK, safe and sound. It seems a masterpiece of miniature engineering and a work of art.

FD (United Kingdom): Dear John, Many thanks for the Hornby Dublo plunger pickup set and couplings (ordered on 25 Feb), they arrived safely today. With best wishes,

JH )United Kingdom): Dear John, parts arrived today, thank you. Now must get to work. Kind regards.

RG (United Kingdom): Morning John, Parcel arrived this morning, all items OK. Many thanks. Regards

RG (South Africa): Hi John, Just a note to say that the magnet arrived safely today. I have fitted it and the locomotive is back to its old self. Thank you,

AM (United Kingdom): Absolutely brilliant: this chassis came to me in pieces around 1970, passed to my mother from a friend of hers whose son had "grown out of trains". It's miraculously survived the past 40+ years of house moves and family and, thanks to you, is now complete and running again. It came with an equally mis-treated N2 and a Castle - two more projects now so I'll no doubt be in touch.

DA (United Kingdom): Hello again John, Part arrived today,thanks very much .This one is in better condition than the first one apart from the attempt to convert it to two rail running.It needs little work to put it back to 3 rail so could you invoice me for the following parts. C91/C84 and C88.I will pay as before on receipt of your invoice. Again John thanks for your excellent service,

BY (UK): Hi John, received the brushes safely today, thank you very much, regards,

DB (United Kingdom): Hi John, just to confirm parts have arrived safely, just the job. Many thanks. Cheers

BQ (Republic of Ireland): hi john received tyres thanks

FH (United Kingdom): Hi John, just received the new armature which is excellent. I have another one for refurb and will send a photo for identification .I also want 2 sets of spring and brushes for N2 tank and an N2 tank body in good condition but poor paint for stripping and refurb.

PK (United Kingdom): Hi John Parcel arrived safely this morning,many thanks for your help. Best Regards.

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Parts arrived today,thanks very much for your excellent service. I look forward to the challenge of returning the A4 chassis to life.

BC (United Kingdom): hi john, sorry have been in southend Essex since early hours of Monday morning, got back at 7 tonight parcel arrived in good condition many thanks for the bits will contact you again soon, best regards

PB (United Kingdom): Hello John, New brushes and magnet has revived an old loco, thanks.

GP (United Kingdom): hi john, pickups delivered today. thanks

FK (Republic of Ireland): Hi John, Package arrived today.

RB (United Kingdom): Received parts today thank you

IW (United Kingdom): Hi John, Spares arrived this lunchtime. Fitted neomagnet (remarkably easily for me!) and Duchess is now storming away - in fact 'going like a train'. Now for the trackwork! Many thanks once again for your advice and speedy service - will recommend you in the future, Best Regards

JH (United Kingdom): John Received, all OK, many thanks.

MB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thanks for the parts, all now assembled and working. As a matter of interest to future customers, the copper springs (in the CoCo pickups H06) need a slight "set" to keep the shoes in contact. Regards,

ID (Australia): Hi John, Thank you for the good service. The package arrived today which is a very good delivery time for this time year. All parts fitted well. Best regards

RB (United Kingdom): Received pony truck thank you

SK (United Kingdom): Hi John, Excellent service indeed, the magnets arrived Monday and I fitted to the Montrose and 2-6-4 this evening. The 2-6-4 runs very well now, 21 petrol tankers and guards van at about 25 amps with good speed and power just like it did 58 years ago. I cleaned the track with lighter fuel and oiled all engine moving parts plus truck axels so that everything was in good working order for the test run. I am very pleased with the results. I think this also demonstrates that track and the H&M controller are also in good order as well as the train with its new magnet. Very pleased indeed.

DW (United States of America): Hi John Received the parcel today. All is well.

MB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Many thanks for the spares, the 8F is now back running on 3 rails. My Castle has been modified in the past by removal of the plug and socket and direct wired. Are the plug and socket available separately should I be inclined to put it back as original? Kind regards,

MH (UK): Hi John, Just to let you know all received yesterday. Many thanks for your prompt service. Best wishes

CB (United Kingdom): John, Just to say that the item arrived safe and sound on Saturday and I've now fitted it with the result that the engine now works a treat!

BC (United Kingdom): hi john,many thanks the spares arrived safely this morning and as usual well packed and in good condition top marks again,they have been stripped down with four other sets with the wheels bushed and pressed back on the axles all ready to go back on the locos,just stoppedfor some food then will do a few more,will contact you soon about some armatures when I work out how many I need.best regards

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Armature and magnets arrived safely today (Thursday) Thank you once again. Have a nice easy Christmas and all the best for 2014.

CR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thanks for the D99 kits received today. My friend actually is also interested in the E41 complete front coupling/screw combo

WC (France): Hello John The packet of parts arrived this morning, Thursday 5th. All I have to do is show it who is the boss. Regards

JA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Magnet recieved, Advice ref fitting followed, engine cleaned and oiled, now up to full steam ahead. Kind Regards,

FW (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to confirm that gear wheel has arrived and is a perfect fit! Regards,

DF (United Kingdom): John They arrived safely and are fitted and working well Thank you

DW (United States of America): Hi John I received your package. All is good. Already have the Bristol Castle up and running. I hope to get to the Dorchester latter today. Cheers

RW (United Kingdom): Hi J H All received in good order usual excellent service thank you

FK (Ireland): Hi John, The screw for the 3-rail pickup for the Diesel Shunter worked great. I’m looking for a quote, including postage and packing to Ireland, for the following:

DW (United Kingdom): John All items safely arrived this a.m. Thanks for a very good service. All the best

RG (United Kingdom): Hello John Goods arrived safely today, many thanks. Best regards

KH (United Kingdom): PS, nice Armature, thanks.

AT (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thanks for the brushes and magnet, they worked well.

FK (Ireland): Hi John, I’m very pleased with my parts and the very reasonable postage

AH (United Kingdom): John Goods arrived safely, only just have had time to fit them and can report engine working perfectly Thanks again

AT (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thank you very much for the armatures, the 2-6-4T took off like a startled rabbit after I fitted it. Now I would need a set of brushes, three pairs if you can and one of those new-type magnets for a 4-6-2 Duchess.

MH (Australia): Hello John, The magnets turned up in the Post today. Many thanks. All good. Regards,

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, pick-ups arrived safely, thank you. Kind regards

LN (Australia): Hello John. Item on invoice 1320 arrived to-day 31/10/13.Hope the weather over your way has improved.Our bushfires have been extinguished at last. Regards

KH (South Africa): Hello John, Just to let you know that I have just received the package from you today. Very happy with the order. Thanks again,

LN (Australia): Hello John. Goods on above invoice arrived to-day 11/10/2013.Hope this finds you very well. Regards ,

RB (United Kingdom): Hi John The increased pulling power with the new magnet is amazing and the grub screw I didnt lose although my wife thinks that I have have now lost it completely after I started mucking about with the trains. Regards

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Bo-Bo Armature arrived safely thank you. Kind regards,

AM (United Kingdom): Hello John Just to let you know my wheel/axle arrived safe and sound. Thank you again for a super service.

BP (United Kingdom): Hi John All arrived this AM and working perfectly. Cheers,

BP (United Kingdom): Hi John, All delivered, fitted and running. Thank you.

TK (Australia): Greetings John, parts arrived today many thanks. Another one is saved, your parts always fit no problems. Kind regards

RS (United Kingdom): hi john parts arrived today, many thanks

TC (Switzerland): Hello John, Just to let you know the shipment arrived safe and sound this Monday morning, thanks for the trade! Best regards

GR (United Kingdom): Hi John Thank you for magnet and chassis which arrived safely and is now working for my grandson who is delighted with it. Regards

TD (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just a quick note to confirm receipt of the items, received yesterday but this is first opportunity to say thank you, as previously they are fine. Pleasure to do business with you. Best Wishes

TK (Australia): Greetings John, Many thanks for the last items, arrived safe and well another loco running again. I would like to order: ….. Please let me know the total and I shall pay. Many thanks . Your parts always fit. Kind regards

JS (United Kingdom): Hello John, Order safely received, thank you. Best regards

DH (United Kingdom): Many thanks for your time on Wednesday really appreciated all spares fitted and working perfectly. The only downside is I have an uncontrollable urge to buy more dublo models now Very best wishes please add to your testimonials Very best wishes

GR (United Kingdom): John Thank you very much for the parts including the neo magnet for the old duchess loco whose performance has now been transformed-I am really impressed!. We are now trying to get a similar old 3 rail A4 loco going. The magnet looks very similar so I guess I need another D83 please.

TS (United Kingdom): hi John Item received thanks very much

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thank you for sending me my latest spares requirement 1. The exchange armature 2. Top bearing and locknut 3. Sleeve for insulating front brass tube They are all excellent, the armature especially, although I doubt whether I shall try to use the sleeve!

JF (United Kingdom): Thanks for your rapid attention to my order-two Bo-Bo’s already purring happily again. Enjoy your break. Best wishes.

DK (United Kingdom): Hello John Everything arrived OK this morning - and I reassembled everything in a few minutes - and now it goes like the clappers.

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Part arrived today, thanks very much. Will need some more bits soon so will be in touch. Once again thanks,

DW (USA): Hi John Your package arrived safe and sound. Once again quality parts. I have not found anyone with a selection as good as yours. Thank you for such prompt attention. Cheers.

AM (United Kingdom): Hello John The magnets arrived yesterday and I fitted them this morning. I am running the trains now and WHAT a difference. Thank you for your information on your web about magnetism I would never have thought the magnets were at fault. I have also managed to get a good condition H & M Duette controller following your suggestion and that has also helped so a Big Big thank you. I expect I will be in touch again looking for "train things" in the future so until then cheerio and thanks again.

J-L F (France) hi, the jacks are safe and dry....everythink is perfect , many thanks !

AM (United Kingdom): Hello John. The package arrived this morning and the coupling is now fitted. I am now on the look out for a ….. so if you hear of one please let me know Thank you for a great service.

RP (United Kingdom): Hello John, thanks for the super service, I have the tyres inc. a free spare.. They work perfectly of course.

AM (United Kingdom): Hello John. I received my brushes and springs this morning for the tank engine. Thank you excellent service. However I now require --

JH (United Kingdom): Hi John, The bits and pieces arrived safely on Wednesday and all appears to be fitting o.k. Many thanks

RT (Netherlands): Hello John, Received the traction tyres today. They work perfectly.

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thanks for the A4 body, its better than I thought. The rather nasty varnish rubs off quite well with T cut+fine steel wool+lots of care!, revealing the origonal Garter Blue. I can also adapt it to fit a Hornby chassis, so will be looking for a complete running 3 rail chassis soon. Thanks again,

DC (Canada): Hello John: Your package arrived today and it was beautifully packed. Thanks so much. I immediately went down to the workshop , got out the Co Bo body and went to work. The spare wheel bogies worked a treat. The wheels came off nicely with the puller and I rewired the chassis for 3rail. I had to make the insulation pad under the 3rail pick up out of one from an old 0-6-2 tank. After a lot of measuring and filing it went in nicely and I had the insulating collar that goes in the middle of the bogie casting. Then I lubed the chassis , cleaned the commutator, and off she ran so sweetly. I followed the directions for the glazing and that went well also. All very exciting John. I have wanted a Co Bo for quite a while, and now all the pieces fell into place. We'll stay in touch. Cheers and best regards,

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,pickups arrived today all ok.thanks

DM (United Kingdom): Hi John, Order safely arrived, now the fun begins with the re-assembly! Many thanks

RM (United Kingdom): Hello John, Both armatures have arrived safely today, and thank you again for your excellent service. Regards

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, My order was received this morning-everything is correct,Many thanks!I am sure that I will be sending another order soon! Regards,

AD (United Kingdom): Hello John Order arrived today armature fitted and working. Do you have another…

BH (United Kingdom): John, The magnet has arrived and fitted and all seems well. Thanks for the service.

RP (United Kingdom): Hi John I would just like to thank you for the Hornby Co-Co Traction Tyres which I have just fitted. Many thanks for your excellent service. I will highly recommend you. Regards

TM (Ireland) Hello John, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you as promised . The items arrived late last week all shipshape and correct. Thanks again for all your help. Best Wishes,

MR (United Kingdom): Arrived today, thanks

PC (United Kingdom): Hi John all received, fitted and running well regards

SC (United Kingdom): Many thanks John, parts received today, earlier than I expected, very pleased with these. Thanks for the prompt service. Regards

DS (UK): Hi John, Just to let you know that the N2 chassis arrived safely. It’s just what I wanted. Thank you. Best wishes

SC (United Kingdom): Hi John, I am pleased to report that my 3-rail "Duchess of Montrose" has a new lease of life and is now running around the layout as if it came out of the factory yesterday - thanks! I'm now in need of…

RW (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know that my items arrived safely today. Just about to start work with them ! Thanks very much for your speedy service once again....Best Wishes,

BH (United Kingdom): Many thanks, fitted & working...................................Regards

PC (United Kingdom): Hi John Thanks for the speedy delivery of the armature and magnet. I was surprised and impressed by the strength of the magnet. I now have an 0-6-2 tank that performs very well. Now, I have another 0-6-2 tank, and a Duchess of Atholl, of similar age, both of which run, but extremely slowly. Would just fitting a new magnet speed them up? Regards

AT (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just a line to say I received the brushes OK. What a difference, I had not realized how worn the old ones were, I'll probably get some more off you, I have two other Castles and a 8F, all over 50 years old ! Thank you very much, kindest regards,

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, parts delivered today thanks very much excellent service as usual. Have attached photo of where they end up! May need magnet for duchess chassis so will be in touch. Thanks again,

TM (Ireland) Hello John, The 2-6-4 chassis arrived on Friday last. It cleaned up well and is a very straight runner - many thanks for sorting it out for me. Thank you for all your help.

DP (United Kingdom): hi john just to let you know that all items received today Saturday thanks

LN (Australia) Hello John. Order 1245 received ok -sorry for delay in advising you.Best regards ,

BP (United Kingdom): Hi John, I have now received the parts which you sent me. I now have 2 N2 locos restored and running, a 2 rail and a 3 rail. Thanks and best wishes,

RG (United Kingdom): Hi John. The ponies and couplings arrived today. They look fine. I shall enjoy fitting them to the locos concerned. Thank you very much for the items, packing them carefully and the clear fitting instructions. Kind regards.

JB (United Kingdom): hi john just a quick note to say items arrived ok thanks

TF (Germany): Hello John, everything has safe arrived. Very good quality of the items, thanks again. Hope we deal again in future. Best greetings

MS (United Kingdom): Dear John, I thought that you would be glad to know that the armature that I ordered arrived today, fitted perfectly & the loco runs brilliantly. Many thanks.

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, The parts arrived this morning. All correct!

BP (United Kingdom): Hi John, I have just received the parts which you have sent me, thank you very much. You may be interested in a little of my history!

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Wednesday) thank you once again for your help. Regards

BP (United Kingdom): Hi John, The bulbs arrived today. They work well in the old hornby signals so you can recommend them for the ES7 and 5054 Hornby Dublo colour light signals. If anything they look better than the originals! Thanks again Regards

JB (United Kingdom): hi john armature and magnets arrived ok . i will get back to you on electrica bits asap thanks

NH (United Kingdom): Good afternoon John, goods rec all in good condition & time, thanks could you price up for me 2 x neo magnets for my 2 x duchess loco's, i just knew there would be something else.

RF (United Kingdom): hello John part arrived very quick all ok many thanks. But I now also need a C97 screw Please advise price and availability. Regards

GP (United Kingdom): Hi John, The neo-magnet I bought from you recently was superb, it made an astonishing difference to the performance of an old 2-6-4T. I wonder if you would send me a quote for the following order:

BD (United Kingdom): John, The items have arrived safely today. Thank you. Best wishes,

JF (United Kingdom): Good afternoon John, Thanks for the quick service with the last order. We have made a start. Can you please supply …. Regards

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, A4 Chassis etc. arrived safely today thank you. Kind Regards

KJ (United Kingdom): Hi John. Just to say that magnets fitted and what a difference they make! Thanks for the tip about the 264T -did not know about that. Will recommend your magnets to all in my local model railway club. Many thanks,

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, sorry but forgot to say the pick-ups arrived safely thank you. Regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Tender for duchess arrived today. Once again thanks for your service,will send armature for duchess in a couple of weeks.

BB (United Kingdom): hi john got order ok place new order soon thanks

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Friday) thank you. The cracked Bo-Bo stop plate should be Ok. Regards,

DB (UK): Dear John Items received with thanks. Regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, just a line to say the pony truck arrived today!! Thanks again and have a good Christmas, will be in touch after the new year for some more bits.

DK (United Kingdom): John Received, installed and runs fine.

RS (United Kingdom): hi john received order today, many thanks again, all best to everyone, will speak to you soon, bye for now, yours faithfully,

JL (United Kingdom): Thanks John, Items arrived yesterday. Now I hope to see my 'Duchess' really show her colours! (I@ll let you know) Cheers,

DB (United Kingdom: Hello John, Thanks for the magnet , I have fitted it and the difference is very noticeable, very happy. Have a good Christmas and thanks again. Cheers

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, All the parts were received today. They are fine!

AN (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just a short note to let you know that my friends and I have virtually completed renovating the Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout, which had lain unused for the best part of 50 years. We were able this weekend to run 7 engines, with rolling stock, over the complete layout. Coupled with the neo magnets we purchased the replacement armatures you supplied for the Duchess and 8F have worked extremely well, providing a significant improvement in performance at all power settings. The 8F was able to pull 20 freight wagons with no problem at all. We also now have a fully operational single aspect colour light signal.

BH (USA): Hi John, Spare parts arrived today intact. They are a perfect fit. Thanks again. Regards,

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know-the Co-Bo body arrived this morning. I think it looks better than shown in the picture! Many thanks

GE (United Kingdom): Dear John, I felt that I should drop you a quick note to say that the spares arrived here safely: I have been able to complete the conversion of Barnstaple from 2 rail to 3 rail very successfully. Thank you for your good service. Kind regards,

JP (UK): Great!! Your's arrived here this morning, is fitted & works a treat. Thanks!

TM (Ireland): Hello John, A quick note to confirm the arrival of the 2-6-4T body shell here on Monday. The quick dispatch and help you have provided me with is very much appreciated. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to place more substantive orders with you in the near future. Best wishes,

MM (United Kingdom): Hello John, Item arrived this mornings post, I could not have asked for a better one. First class item and first class professional service as usual, many thanks again. Regards

JL (Australia): Hi John, The parts arrived this morning and I am very happy, thank you for everything. I would and will be recommending you to others in need of parts. Cheers

BH (USA): Hi John, Spare parts arrived yesterday in very good shape…. Regards,

TS (United Kingdom): thanks john received as ordered and all ok

DT (United Kingdom): John, the tender base arrived today. Many thanks,

GG (United Kingdom) Hello John, Spares arrived today (Saturday), thank you once again for an excellent speedy transaction. Kind Regards,

BC (United Kingdom): hi john. the spares arrived in good condition this morning,many thanks will contact you again soon. best regards.

BR (New Zealand): Hi John. The brushes and ball bearings arrived today. Thanks very much.

JG (United Kingdom): Hi john, just a note to let you know that i have received my bulbs and i am very happy with them. cheers

MM (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived this morning, many thanks Regards

DK (United Kingdom): John - Received and successfully installed.

DG (United Kingdom): Hi John, Order received today. What difference Neo magnets make - breathed life back into the old locos. Well chuffed!. Many thanks,

NH (United Kingdom): The mailbags arrived this morning. Many thanks.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Thursday) thank you once again for your help and excellent service. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards,

BW (United Kingdom): Hello John, sideframe and screws arrived today and the loco looks a lot better with all four sideframes in place. Thank you for your advice and assistance in getting the correct part, it is appreciated. Regards,

JB (United Kingdom): Hello John, just a quick note to let you know that the bulbs have arrived safely in the post. Thank you. Regards

GP (United Kingdom): hi john, chassis arrived. thanks

AM (Ireland) Hi John, Bogie arrived yesterday, literally a 10 second fit. Perfect. Thanks again. I’ll recommend your service to the Model Centre, ……

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John , chassis arrived this morning. Wow! it looks almost unused ,very happy. thanks again,

DA (United Kingdom): hi john bits arrived last week, thanks again for your great service.

PD (United Kingdom): Hi John All arrived safely. Thanks very much. Excellent. Best regards

MJ (South Africa): Hi John Put on the first of the horseshoe magnet replacements during the weekend. A very old Duchess that I bought second-hand some thirty years ago, but probably manufactured more than sixty years ago. Great improvement. I first ran the chassis with the old magnet and then compared with the replacement. Amazed that the armature, after a bit of coaxing, burst into life and ran beautifully. Binns Road really did make things to last.

MJ (South Africa): Hi John Collected the small packet from our Postnet today. All parts inside as ordered. Thanks.

RR (UK): Many thanks for the spares you sent. The neo magnets have worked wonders on the three locos – the Class 20 is transformed with the new chassis elements, tyres and magnet, making a very satisfactory purr when either hauling or running light with no wheel wobble; the 2-6-4T has been given a new lease of life while the N2 0-6-2 (bought new in 1949 as part of an LNER goods set and 2-railed with the 2-6-4T back in the ‘70s by DJH in Banbury) pulls a rake of 8 Mainline coaches up inclines of 1:60 as though there was nothing attached… the vertical armatures are not as quiet as modern can style motors but noise levels quite acceptable. Talk about rejuvenation – I would recommend these neo magnets implants to anyone.

DW (United Kingdom): Hello John, I received your package today. I am very pleased with all items.

JS (United Kingdom): Morning John, All items arrived this morning, safe and well packed. Thanks again for your service. where would H/D collectors be without you!!! Till next time. Best Regds

BQ (Ireland): hi john just let you know that the items arrived today many thanks regards

LC (United Kingdom): Hi,John..got the item and fitted it..running smooth as silk..many thanks for your prompt service.. regards

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,arrived today. all ok. thanks

JS (United Kingdom): Hello John, fitted the magnet and brushes to my R1, like a new engine. Regards

PG (United Kingdom): Armature placed in loco, adjusted, and away it went when power applied-- SUCCESS !!!! Very pleased with all transactions, a pleasure doing business with you Best wishes

FW (United Kingdom): Hello John The order arrived and everything is good. Thanks for your prompt attention Regards

BP (United Kingdom): Many Thanks John! Your envelope arrived today. I am grateful for your swift delivery of the order. These are very nicely made and complete PU components. I look forward to fitting them and giving a Dublo tender a new usefulness.

CN (United Kingdom): Thank you for the spare parts John. They arrived this morning , "6/7/12".

MD (United Kingdom): your package arrived safe, many thanks

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Chassis arrived today, very pleased with it thanks again

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, I have now received the A4 bogie and the diesel tyres. Many thanks! Regards,

DB (UK) Received with Thanks John. Regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John,received tender today,thanks very much.

MB (South Africa): Hi John Parcel arrived today with all the parts as ordered. Thanks for your excellent service. Regards,

MK (United Kingdom): Thanks John all received safely.

BC (United Kingdom): Hi John, The spare part has arrived safe and sound. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, bulbs+city body delivered today, thanks very much. Take care ,

TW (United Kingdom): replacement motor safely received. many thanks. probably be weekend before i have time to fit to loco. regards, ……… motor works extremely well..very many thanks.. you will no doubt hear from me again, several of my locos are from late 1950's and do wear out however well you try to look after them - just like me! - they are nearly as old as me!! again, thanks very much, regards,

CE (Australia): Hi John, Just letting you know that the armature for the 0-6-2 arrived safe and sound. It has been fitted and the loco has now had it’s first run since 1964! All the best and thanks again.

TS (United Kingdom): hello john sorry i did not get back sooner bulbs arrived as ordered and in perfect condition

DA (United Kingdom): John, thanks very much for bulbs,they are perfect. Have been in Cornwall for a while hence delay in my reply. Need more bulbs,so will be in touch. Thanks again,

JL (United Kingdom): Hi John, Spares arrived safely this morning. I shall be getting round to fitting them later in the week. Will keep you posted. thanks again

TG (Australia): Hi John, Just a note to say parts arrived all Ok. Thanks

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know I have received my last order for the pickup shoes and metal plate for capacitor connection. Many thanks

DA (United Kingdom): hi john the parts came today. thanks once again for a great service, those magnets though are going to take some separation! i will no doubt be in contact again soon. rgds.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello john, Spares arrived safely today, thank you once again for an excellent service. Regards,

DT (United Kingdom): Hello John, Packet safely arrived, many thanks for the great service, items just what I needed to complete the refurb! Kind regards

TB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Bits arrived today and WOW! those neo magnets - job done! Cheers

RB (Australia): Hi John Items received safely today, thank you.

DT (United Kingdom): Hi John, Items received OK thanks. All good. Thanks again,

JS (United Kingdom): Hello john received the rivets thanks regards

KT (Australia): Hi John, The parcel arrived last week all in good shape.

AR (United Kingdom): Hi,, Just to let you know-I received the spares ordered earlier this morning.Many thanks!

BH (United Kingdom): Hi John, Parts arrived today, many thanks

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,received today,all good,thanks again.

RS (United Kingdom): hi john received today many thanks, speak to you soon

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Coal moulding arrived safely today (Thursday). Thank you once again for an excellent service. Kind Regards,


BC (United Kingdom): hi john, many thanks for sending the parts, I have been away for a long weekend and when i arrived home today they were here. will contact you again soon for some more.

DM (United States) JOHN: The front truck/ bogie arrived and I am very pleased- it finished off a nice set for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,tyres arrived yesterday all ok

TB (United Kingdom): Hi John, I should have e mailed you sometime ago just to say the brushes arrived okay many thanks.

TD (United Kingdom): John, Received in good order and exactly what I wanted. It has now been fitted and is running on my layout. Excellent service. I gave you positive feedback on my website http://www.dublorunner.com/news/ where your website is one of my many links.

BC (United Kingdom): hi john just to let you know the parts arrived this morning,i will contact you soon for more. many thanks, regards

JL (United Kingdom): Hi John. Thanks for parts for bo-bo and couplings etc. Cheers

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Coupling rod pins arrived safely today (Friday). Once again thank you for an excellent speedy service. Kind Regards,

JG (United Kingdom): Hi john, Just to let you know that items received today. Just the job. very happy. Many thanks

RP (United Kingdom): Dear John, Thanks very much, the chassis arrived well protected and runs fine. Best regards,

BL (United Kingdom): John, My order arrived on Friday safe and sound. Thank you. Till the next time,

CE(United Kingdom): Hi John All the parts arrived today and I have successfully fitted them and am pleased to say all are now working! Many thanks for the photo as well. You've really been a great help. all good wishes

TS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Magnet and brushes arrived this morning and are now fitted to the loco. Works absolutely fine now. Thanks for help, will be in touch if I need any further parts etc. Regards

SOS (Australia)@ Hi John, The spare parts arrived roday thanks.My engine is now running like new, it's great. Regards

JS (United Kingdom): Evening John. New Pick up arrived today, item fitted and test run, perfect, Thank you for taking the time to get it right, that type of service is to be highly recommended and again i thank you!!! Till my next order best wishes

IS (United Kingdom): Arrived safely today, John. Many thanks!

IS (United Kingdom): Hi John, The items arrived today. And theArrived safely today, John. Many thanks!
screws fitted! Thanks again.

IB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Fitted the new Neo magnets in both loco's and now they work a treat, The BoBo now has amazing pulling power and speed. Your guidance on fitting was spot on.

PN (United Kingdom): Arrived and fitted - great - very much appreciated regards

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Order arrived today,thanks.

JS (United Kingdom): Morning John Items arrived this am all good .Thanks again for a good service and good products .Best Regds

PJ (United Kingdom): Hello John All arrived safely. Many thanks.

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, thanks for last order which arrived yesterday. The traction tyres work really well on my BOBO and COBO so I would like to fit them to my two Deltics. If you have them could you invoice me four pairs(eight tyres) and will pay on line as before .Thanks a lot,

GP (United Kingdom): Hi John, arrived today, all ok thanks

IS (United Kingdom): Thanks, John. They arrived safely this morning.



AB (United Kingdom): Many thanks…excellent service.

IS United Kingdom): Many thanks, John. They arrived safely today. That's the old Duchess of Atholl up and running now!

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Monday) Thanks once again for a speedy response. Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Kind regards,

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,tender delivered today.all ok. thanks

CA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to let you know that my order arrived in good order today Thanks again

DT (United Kingdom): Hi John, Items received today (09/01/12). Both as described, well pleased. If you get anything similar please let me know. Cheers,

TC (Ireland) Hello John, Received armature, everything OK. Regards and thanks,

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,arrived today,thanks

DB (United Kingdom): Hi John, parts received today - great, especially the little N2 chassis, Thanks again, will likely be in touch again as we recommission the stock,

DL (United Kingdom): Good morning John and a Happy New Year. My order for the A4 body and the ancillary parts has arrived many thanks.

IS (United Kingdom): Well, John, the parts arrived today. You'll be pleased to hear that I've fitted three of the magnets and the old locomotives (which haven't been used for 50 years) are now back in business. The BoBo (also unused for 50 years) still works, so I'll fit the new parts at a later date. Thanks again! … Thank you for the excellent service, John!

SC (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to confirm I’ve received the A 4 body; very pleased with my purchases and will keep your site in mind for the future. Thanks & best wishes.

GP (United Kingdom): hi john,received dutchess body today all ok. thanks and best wishes.

TS (United Kingdom): thanks john received this morning all ok

RK (United Kingdom): Hello John, The chassis arrived today and am pleased thank you. Have a good Christmas.

BS (Australia): Hello John, the components as ordered arrived in today’s post and are now installed in the loco which is now running splendidly. Thanks again for all your help and service, I shall certainly be in touch in the future should a need for other components arise. Have a great Christmas, and perhaps we shall make contact sometime in 2012, cheers,

KB (United Kingdom): Dear John, just to let you know that the package containing Bristol Castle and various parts has arrived fine. The engine is great, thanks very much.

PM (United Kingdom): Hi John, Items arrived. Thanks again, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

DA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Parts delivered today,very pleased thanks alot. Happy Christmas,

MD (United Kingdom): all arrived safely, what excellent kit! many thanks

BH (United Kingdom): Hi John Parts are here thanks again...... Have a good xmas and I will be back in the new year..... Best wishes

BK (Canada): Hello John, Quick note to let you know the A4 front bogie and screw arrived OK, thanks again for the excellent service. I'll be in touch next time I'm looking for Dublo parts. Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and best in 2012. Cheers,

LW (United Kingdom): Just to let you know the pick ups arrived safely today 2/12/2011 - many thanks

CA (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know that the pickups arrived in good order yesterday and have already been put to good use. Thanks again

MC (United Kingdom): Hello John, Have received all the items ,thanks for your help. Regards,

GS (United Kingdom): Hi John I have now received the front coupling and screw for the N2, and I am delighted with it! Just what I needed. I will not hesitate to use your service again should I need any spares. Many thanks and best wishes.

LC (United Kingdom): Dear John, Got it this morning, and fitted it.. looks great, thank you very much Kind Regards.

TH (United Kingdom): Just received your parcel spot on many thanks Yours

LN (Australia) Hello there. Recent order on coupling screws arrived 15/11/11 ok. Once again thanks

AH (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thanks for my recent order, my 0-6-2 tank engine is running like new again. I suspect a lot of that is due to the neodymium magnet. Anyway, now that I've one engine running nicely, it's making the others look bad, so could you please supply the following to get the rest up to scratch:…

WC (France): Hello John The packet arrived today (Mon 14th), thank you. All the Best

GW (Australia): Hi John, As I promised you, the magnet duly arrived today.....in excellent condition. Now I must put some time into cleaning and installing the loco....and the tracks.

DA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Received today parcel from you,thanks very much very pleased with both. the Duchess body is a very early one,no EDL2 under roof. Thanks again,

RJ (USA): John, just to let you know the items were delivered yesterday. Everything looks fine. Thank you.

BC (United Kingdom): hi john just to let you know that the loco bodies arrived this morning,many thanks will get in touch again soon. regards

WC (France) Hello John The packet arrived yesterday morning (Mon 31st), thank you. Thanks also for decoding my message, as my old teacher used to
say "". All the Best

TS (United Kingdom): Thanks john all received in tact this morning

BU (United Kingdom): hi john parts arrived this morning many thanks will get in touch soon. regards

MA (United Kingdom): John, Just to let you know that the magnet arrived in the post this morning. Fitted this afternoon and made quite a difference. Many thanks.

KB (United Kingdom): Dear John Many thanks for the HD loco spares; these all arrived OK last week, and I have now restored my 062 tank to full performance.

BC (United Kingdom) hi john. thanks very much parts arrived today, great service. can i order two more items and please can you send me the price quote…

BP (USA) John, I'm sure you know this already- but those neo magnets are brilliant- major improvement in performance in my Duchesses! :-)

JT (New Zealand): hi john, just unpacked all the parts, the armature and bulbs are going as they should, i said i'd let you know, those little bulbs are pretty cool..............cheers.

MG (Australia): Thank you for the package of 7 wider Hornby Dublo three rail curves I ordered. They duly arrived and I am very happy with them. They were very well packed for the journey. Regards from

JT (New Zealand): hello john, just to let you know the parcel arrived this morning(tuesday), thanks very much, anyway, until i need some more spares, kind regards

ST (United Kingdom): Hello John, Your parcel arrived safely this morning in good condition. Many thanks for your help.

GP (United Kingdom): hi john, armature and bearing arrived today all ok thanks. now in situ and running ok

GP (United Kingdom): Dear john, Hello just letting you know that I received package from you in todays post and everything is fine…Thank you so much for all your help and information its been a great help to me and I will use your services in the future should I ever need parts or help .Once again a Big thank you and I will let you know how I get on in regard to getting my train running once more.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Friday). That will be another two N2 Tank engines up and running. Many thanks for your help once again. Best Regards

LC (United Kingdom): Dear John, Got my pony/bogie trucks and other bits this AM...couplings fitted and loco running nicely now........ your terminal nuts are great items .. will be reordering other items soon............Regards

RK (United Kingdom): Hello John, The items arrived safely, thanks Regards

AF (United Kingdom): Thanks -order received - 3 armatures. Will try them out shortly!

EW (United Kingdom): Hi John Part no. J23 has been received , thank you very much. Excellent service. I will be in touch if I need anything else. Best wishes

DT (United Kingdom): John, Rewound armature is up an running. Thanks,

BA (United Kingdom): John Very pleased with my first order from you for Hornby bulbs! I would now like to order the following; all to fit either Hornby Dublo 3 rail 0-6-2 and 2-6-4 Tank locomotives…

MG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Item arrived safely this morning. Many thanks.

BL (United Kingdom): Parcel received today - just what I wanted. Many thanks,

BG (United Kingdom): Hi John, order arrived, securely packed, at lunchtime today. Thanks and best wishes.

DL (United Kingdom): Hi, arrived yesterday, thanks, regards

GG (United Kingdom): The item was received safe and intact today - many thanks for your assistance.

KT (United Kingdom): John One armature received, many thanks.

RH (Australia) John Thank you for sending the gear that I ordered I received today 21\ 6 Regards

GMD (United Kingdom): John, Just to say that the signal box arrived safely towards the end of last week. A sincere thanks for your help on this.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, N2 front couplings etc. arrived safely today (Saturday). Thank you for you help once again. Regards

JW (United Kingdom): John F89 A4 bogie received thank you

JS (United Kingdom): Hi John Spares arrived safe today Thanks again, Will e mail again as i have some more spares requirements Cheers

GW (United Kingdom): John, received this morning the Montrose tender. thanks this is an excellent item. it has ran behind a Montrose pulling 4 coaches and really looks the business. many thanks for a brilliant and considerate service. will no doubt be in touch again, regards

DF (United Kingdom): Hi John. Parts arrived in good order yesterday Thanks and regards

DL (United Kingdom): Good afternoon John The tenders have arrived safely thank you. They run well. Both will have to receive a repaint to go with the locos. One is in LNER apple green, the other in blue but I think that too will be changed to wartime black when I have time to go back to my RCTS reference.

TJ (United Kingdom): Spares arrived OK Thank you

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, A4 tender tops arrived safely, thank you. Hope to be in touch later for other things. Regards

BG (United Kingdom): Hi John, order arrived this morning handsomely packed as usual. Contents should keep me busy for a while. Thanks.

RH (Australia) John Just letting know that I received the parcel with the spares and wagons from you thank you for your help Regards

VM (United Kingdom): John, everything arrived safety. Thanks again

BH (United Kingdom): Hello again, Chassis arrived over the weekend, many thanks

EF (United Kingdom): Just like to say those neo magnets are superb, they really make a difference! Thanks,

DR (United Kingdom): John My items have arrived. Thank you for all your help Kind Regards

ET (United Kingdom): The armature and magnet arrived safely today. Thanks!!! Regards

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares arrived safely today (Tuesday) thank you. Regards.

IS (United Kingdom): Good morning John. I received your parcel today and everything is in order. I am very pleased with the condition of the Co-Bo body, and the chimney top will allow me to fix the R1 body to the chassis, once I can remember in which very safe place I put the screw! Many thanks. Here's to the next time,

GB (United Kingdom): Package has arrived safely. Very pleased with purchase. Neomagnet a very tight fit and required careful filing of tiny ridges in casting before fitting. Once installed in loco the unit performed very well indeed. Many thanks.

BH (United Kingdom): John, Armatures arrived by snail mail earlier today, now fitted and running sweetly. Many thanks

CN (United Kingdom): Hello John, I received the two items (M23 and M24) this morning, and I am delighted with them. Thank you very much for an excellent service. Do hope that you had a restful bank holiday.

KS (United Kingdom): Hi John, I received the coarse-geared armature yesterday – everything is now up and running. Thanks very much for all your help and I hope to do business again with you in the future. Regards,

LN (Australia): Dear John. First order arrived ok on 13/4/11. Thank you once again. Regards etc.

BH (United Kingdom): Hi, Many thanks order received on my return from a few days away, hence delay in acknowledgement.

TS (United Kingdom): Thanks john all received ok and the magnet has made an amazing difference to the loco

WC (France): Hi John. The items have arrived today, safe and sound. Best Wishes,

KS (United Kingdom): I now have 2 locos running very nicely thanks to your replacement parts and I hope the Duchess will join them very soon!

KP (United Kingdom): Hi John All items received Saturday morning, many thanks.

RS (United Kingdom): hi john received armatures today very pleased thanks again for your help and support, take care will speak to you again, yours faithfully

BG (United Kingdom): Parts received midday today. Thanks

SPC (United Kingdom): Dear Mr. Holland, With many thanks, the items have been safely received. In due course I will be making another small list of H/D components that I will be needing, and I will email this to you in due course. Many thanks once again, With best wishes,

AC (United Kingdom): Hi John received the Bo Bo parts today thank you very much. By the way I have received my loco back …with the repro pick up on and it fitted really well and is running great.

LN (Australia): Hello John. the parcel arrived to-day 16/3/11 ok.was very securely wrapped--took some time to open. thanks again.

IC (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just a quick line to let you know I have fitted the M07 armature I bought off you this weekend and it works fine. Now I’m giving the chassis a sustained bench test before putting it on the layout. Many thanks for your help and assistance on this matter. I may be back in the near future if there are any other Dublo/Wrenn bits I require. Kind regards

BP (USA): John hi, just to let you know the armature and neo magnet arrived safely and now installed- all I can say is wow - what a difference!

AR (United Kingdom): Hi john, Safely received. Many thanks

PN (United Kingdom): Item received, delighted thanks great service. Regards

SPC (United Kingdom): Good evening Mr. Holland, Just to let you know that the parts were safely received and are now fitted. It all works! Now to renovate the bodywork. Many thanks indeed for your excellent service.

ST (Australia): Hello John, Thank you for your email. The book arrived today, in good order. Your packaging protected it well. It is a very attractive copy. With best wishes

AR (United Kingdom): HI John, Safely delivered to-day. And running well. Many thanks for your help.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Items arrived safe and well this morning (Saturday) Thank you very much. Regards

CN (United Kingdom): Thank you for the Hornby Dublo spare parts which I received this morning, well protected and securely packaged. I am very pleased with the parts and their condition John. Kindest regards.

RD (Canada): Hello, John. Just a quick note to tell you your package arrived in fine shape. I’m going to visit a pal on Tuesday who has volunteered to show me how to install these things…..Thanks again for the parts. I’m sure we’ll be doing business again.

ID (United Kingdom): Hi John, Armature arrived today fitted and working. WONDERFUL Thanks again.

MM (United Kingdom): Hi John Thanks for everything. All received and OK. Thanks. Regards

KT (United Kingdom): John Received with thanks

ST (Australia) Hello John, Just a note to say that the package arrived at 7.40 this morning in good order. I heard a gentle slide across the concrete on the front porch. There was not the terrific thump on the porch, like on Tuesday, when over 2.5Kg of books were delivered. I suppose all the fragile items go on top of all the parcels in the truck and are delivered first. It is a terrific looking engine and you have done a fantastic job.

NH (United Kingdom): Hello John Headboard received in good order - makes the set complete once more. Once I have established the working condition of the locos I will have a look on your site for parts, etc. Many thanks

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, All parts received today thank you. I must tell you how much I have enjoyed renovating and actually seeing the the old engines running again after many years, still a bit to do yet but I would like to say thanks again for you help. Regards

AS (United Kingdom): ..and thanks for the last parts you sent they were spot on.

LN (Australia): hello there-order posted 26-1-11 arrived 11-2-11 ok. regards etc.

MS (United Kingdom): HI John, Thanks for sending me the parts I ordered. Your service is very good and your website is great. The model now runs well after some cleaning up of contacts etc.

IR (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thank you very much for sending me all the Hornby Dublo spares I ordered on 27th January, processed and then paid for by me and despatched by you yesterday 3rd February. The spares arrived safely via Royal Mail special delivery at 0900 hours to-day - marvellous! So just 5 days from order to receiving the goods, brilliant. The other goods news is that my (1954) Hornby Dublo 3 rail N2 tank loco 0-6-2 and my (1956) Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2 are up and running, after many years of idleness in a siding (AKA a box!). Fortunately I remembered from my tender years, how to set the motors up and adjusted the securing screw for the armatures correctly after a few attempts to get them working efficiently! I am really 'chuffed' with the result and so will my grandchildren be. I haven't had terminal nuts on the power 'in rail' since I was about 10 years old - luxury! The next job is to convert some rolling stock, I have to Hornby couplings with the spares you provided. Please be assured I will be ordering more spares from you in due course - some rail repairs are necessary , so new fish plates and so it goes on! My railway operates without government subsidy, so it is a question of obtaining approval from my wife. You provide a really excellent personal service @ 'Mainly Trains' and it has been a pleasure from start to finish doing business with you. Best regards

JB (United Kingdom): John, Parts arrived today, Many thanks,

AS (United Kingdom): Hi John, The armature works brilliantly and the trains now back to full working order after nearly 15 years :) with a little help as well from a new magnet. I am also after a new armature for a hornby dublo bo-bo 3 rail have you got one and how much? Cheers

ST (Australia): Hello John, The package arrived today in good order at 8.13 a.m. It is an attractive runner and is just what I was wanting. A light surface (clean) will get it up to scratch.

GG (United Kingdom): Hello John, Spares received today, the Montrose tender is perfect thankyou very much, restoration work will start shortly. I will be in touch with you later on in the year, I have another couple of small projects on an 8F & 246T loco. when I get round to them. Thanks again.

TT (United Kingdom): Hello John Many thanks for the parts which arrived this morning. The tank engine is now running again as one of the spring pickups was a perfect fit !! Kind regards

TT (United Kingdom): John, Thank you for the spares. They arrived this morning. Regards,

TS (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to say tender and wheels arrived today They’re fine. Many thanks.

CN (United Kingdom): Thank you for the package received this morning (10:30). I am more than pleased with the chassis, which was accurately described. I look forward to purchasing from you any other spares I may require in the future. Kindest regards John,

JD (Canada): John, The couplings arrived today – delayed a little by holidays and probably weather. They work really well. Thank you,

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, coaches arrived safely. They are just the job for what I want them for, Thanks very much. Cheers

RK (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know items arrived ok. Thanks.

CA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to let you know that my order arrived safely yesterday. Thank You.

BH (United Kingdom): Hello John, Happy New Year, the neo magnet did the trick the engine runs well off the track. Many thanks for the feed back. Regards.

TS (United Kingdom): Thanks John all received and ok

DB (USA): Hi John Received the L09 order Christmas Eve and works good. THANKS, Happy New Year

ID (United Kingdom: Hi John, Bogie/pony etc. arrived ok today thank you. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year. Regards

DT (United Kingdom): John, thank you for the pickup set and Breakdown hook and jacks received today. Regards,

BG (United Kingdom): Pleased to say the chassis and pins arrived just after midday today. Excellently packed and addressed as you said. Looks good. Many thanks.

ID (United Kingdom): Hi John, Signal light bulbs arrived all ok. Thanks

ME (Australia): Hi John – thought you’d like to know that the two bogies you mailed to me have arrived safely and are now powering a Hornby Dublo Tanker around my layout! Good to know that there is someone out there keeping the ‘Hornby Dream’ alive and well.

GL (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to let you know your motor seems to have done the trick as I had the loco running for a good 10 minutes. Thanks for your help with this.

SV (United Kingdom): Parts arrived today, Many thanks.

TS (United Kingdom): Thanks john all received today no problems

JC (United Kingdom): Dear John, I received my order today. I am well pleased. All the very best.

CB (United Kingdom): Hello John Thanks for email. I received the coloured bulbs in perfect working order. Always a pleasure to buy from you, thanks again.

CE (Australia): Thanks to the replacement armature you supplied my Dublo Co-Bo is now running beautifully!

JB (United Kingdom): Hi John, Received my order this morning and really pleased so I have ordered some more (bulbs). All in and working perfectly. Regards

GL (United Kingdom): Received and works well -thanks John

RK (United Kingdom): Hi John, Just to let you know that 8F chassis and one brush tube & sleeve are now part of operational Hornby Dublo/Wrenn locomotives. Regards,

PE (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to let you know that the package arrived safely today ,very well packed thank you. I am very pleased with the chassis which is in mint condition and have just run it around my layout a few times , very smooth. It was very much appreciated your coming back to me again on the availability of this item and should I ever be in the market again for any Dublo items I will certainly contact you. Thank you for the excellent service . Best wishes

RB (Spain) Hi John, Arrived yesterday (problem, spanish postal service) very pleased with the items and service as usual, Thanks and best regards,

ID (United Kingdom): PS Light bulbs and magnet arrived today, all ok thanks

RK (United Kingdom): Hi John, the items arrived yesterday. Thank you for a speedy dispatch. best wishes

ML (United Kingdom): Many thanks John. Package safely received today. Raining here so may give it a go later! Kind regards, Hi John, Just thought I would let you know I did exactly as you instructed and the truck is running as sweetly as the day it was made! Thanks again,

ID (United Kingdom): Hi John, Terminal nuts arrived today by post. All ok. Thank you.

PL (United Kingdom): Mr Holland, The HD 264 rear bogey had arrived in good order. I've been very happy with your service and shall make you my first port of call if I need more items in future. Regards.

MB (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thanks for the armature, arrived this morning. Regards

ID (United Kingdom): Hi John, Bogie received today ok. Thank you

IC (United Kingdom): Hi John : just to let you know the grub screws arrived today. Many thanks, Regards

AMB (United Kingdom): Hi John, lovely item - thanks it's made a beautiful union between a good chassis and a great painted body. many thanks.

RK (United Kingdom): Hi John, Thank you for a speedy dispatch. The items arrived today. Thanks.

ST (Australia): Hello John, The two packages arrived safely on August 6th at around 7.30 a.m. in the morning in good order. Thank you very much for all your efforts. I am going to set them up now. Yours sincerely,

MH (United Kingdom): John, Parts arrived today, OK. thanks.

AH (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to say that the two arms just needed to be slightly eased out to make the necessary clearance for the motor to operate. It's now turned a wheel for the first time in many years.

MY (United Kingdom): John Just to say thanks for the prompt service the screw has arrived and fitted Regards

MB (United Kingdom): Hello John, Many thanks for the parts, they are as described and arrived well presented and packaged. I will be pleased to recommend you to others. Regards

DB (United Kingdom): Items received with thanks John. Will require more in the near future. Regards Dave

BL (United Kingdom): Hi John, Spares arrived today Many Thanks Kind Regards

GS (United Kingdom): Hello John. The order arrived today .Every thing looks OK. Many thanks. I will order some more items later. Many thanks,

BR (New Zealand): Hi John. I received the armature, bearings and brushes yesterday. Very prompt - thank you. My 2-6-4 is now running as smoothly and sweetly as when it was brand new. Thanks so much.

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, goods arrived safely this morning thank you very much. Regards

JS (New Zealand) Hi John, Your 2 coals arrived down here today. Thank you. Excellent service. These coals are a better reproduction than I expected, and they will do fine for what I have in mind. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. Kind Regards

RP (United Kingdom): Thanks John, Armature arrived safely and I have fitted it to the loco. I know who to go to if I need any more bits!! Thanks again for your excellent service. Regards

JT (Australia): G'day John. My parts have arrived ok , many thanks. Regards

BH (United Kingdom): John, Many thanks for A4 chassis, looks like just what I needed to complete this A4. Look forward to doing business with you again

ST (Australia): Hello John, Thank you very much for sending the parts so promptly. The parts arrived safely on Monday morning.

CT (United Kingdom): The Duchess is absolutely fine; just perfect for the job in hand. Many thanks.

RB (Spain): Hi John, All arrived perfectly as always, Kind regards

SR (Australia): Hi John, The parts arrived today and hopefully I'll get the chance to install them this evening.

JM (United Kingdom): Hello John Dublo spares arrived this morning safely and well packed, Thank you very much they were just what I needed.

JB (New Zealand): Hi John these bits and pieces arrived safely last week and are in use already many thanks

BR (New Zealand): Hi John. Thank you so much for the 3 Neo Magnets you sent me a while back. They have transformed my locomotives and they now run so smoothly and effortlessly.

PM (France): Goods arrived many thanks.

CE (Australia): Hi John, Just wanting to let you know that the armature for my Co-Bo arrived today and has been placed into the loco which is now performing beautifully. Many thanks for your help. All the best.

CG (Australia): Hi John, Items arrived in good order. thanks and regards

JC (New Zealand): Hello John Thank you – the items have arrived safely and in great condition. Kind regards

MC (United Kingdom): Dear John, WC Loco body and tender arrived ok, I would like to order the following:-

CG (Australia): Hi, I recently bought some spare Dublo couplings from you - all satisfactory. I am hoping that you can help me with something else.

SR (Australia): Hi John, The parts I ordered from you arrived today thank you, and the armature supplied is the correct one.

ML (United Kingdom): John Parts arrived safely thanks

DH (United Kingdom): Hi John thanks for the items received OK

GS (United Kingdom): Hello John, The Duchess body arrived today great item as advertised hope to do business with you again soon. Cheers.

TS (United Kingdom): thank you goods received prompt and complete


PG (United Kingdom): I received goods today many thanks

RK (United Kingdom): Hi John, The chassis arrived ok thanks. Ron

PB (United Kingdom) hi john jacks have just arrived my crane is now complete many thanks

RA (United Kingdom) Hi John, Many thanks for the spares which arrived safely today. I expect I will be in touch with you again with my latest needs! Best wishes.

RS (France): Hello John. Just to say that I have received the package. thanks again!!

AT (United Kingdom): John Received the part thankyou very much.

DF (Australia) Hi John, Parts arrived safely today. Now the fun begins! Thanks a lot

JW (Canada): John, just an update, the 8 f is up and running thanks to your help and is now for sale, it will be listed on the BRMNA Web site shortly, cheers

GJ (United Kingdom): hi john my parts arrived today,many thanks for your prompt delivery and excellent communication.

LC (United Kingdom): John, I received the items. I’ll keep an eye on your website for any further needs. Thanks,

RS (United Kingdom): hi john received this morning, many thanks, yours faithfully.

GI (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to confirm receipt of ordered Dublo spares. Order Complete Kind Regards

JW (Canada): Thank you for your prompt and informative reply, such a nice change.

RS (United Kingdom): hi john received goods today, many thanks all best for now, yours faithfully

CI (United Kingdom): hallo john all goods arrived safe and well thanks once again

GH (UK): Hi John, coach and pins arrived safely today thank you. The coach is far better than I thought. If any more crop up please keep in touch, thanks Regards

AW (United Kingdom): hi john received part very good.

RA (Australia): I could hardly believe it when I went to the PO Box yesterday and found your delivery had already arrived. Everything is fine. Thanks for the promptness!!

JB (UK): What a lovely runner ! The magnet is great ! Compare that model with todays ‘if it aint got a chip it aint a train’mentallity! Its great to see a great bit of british design working well! Again keep up the good works Regards

CI (United Kingdom): hallo again john just to let you know goods arrived ok thanks once again

AM (United Kingdom): Hi John, goods arrived safely today - thanks, I can now breathe life into my Loco. kind regards

CI (United Kingdom): hallo john parcel arrived safe and sound this morning thanks once again

GH (UK): Hi John, goods received thank you. Regards

GW (United Kingdom): hi john,i opened your parcel today and am in the process of creating new area of my layout.you will be pleased to know the parts you supplied are more than OK! they are excellent.thanks and regards.

GW (United Kingdom): John many thanks,parts arrived today,will put them in action tomorrow ,regards.

JF (Australia) Hi John, Just to let you know that the spare arrived today. Thanks! Best wishes

GH (United Kingdom): Hi John, goods received okay thank you. Regards

RA (Australia): John, I got a late Xmas and birthday present this morning - in the mail were the coupling still nicely package in their Royal Mail package. The mailing address was correct and there was no indication of any official holdup. Obviously(?) they have come by land mail via all land masses to Australia. Anyway, its great to get them, and I thought you'd be pleased to know.

MB (United Kingdom) hi john armature arrived today and its a good one train is now flying well pleased. thanks for or your help if i need any more bits i know who to ask. thanks again regards

MH (New Zealand) Hi John, Thanks the bogey and screws etc have arrived safely and are fitted and running as it should. I will keep an eye out for a Cow Catcher for this Duchess as it was one of the export models to Canada that didn't sell well, but I understand that it is quite rare and I'm not likely to find one. Thanks very much.

RM (United Kingdom): Hello John, Brushes now fitted and Duchess (of A) running again. I had put a note dated 1987 with the loco saying "awaiting new brushes"! The original pair had lasted since 1952, with much use during school holidays, so not bad going! Many thanks

RB (Spain): Hi John, All received and correct and now i have the tender sorted to my needs, Please send me the cost for the following:- Thanks and kind regards, Best wishes for the new year.

PB (United Kingdom): Hi John, parts arrived this morning, I fitted them this afternoon, now my little 6917 runs again for the first time since about 1955 thanks to your website.
Keep up the good work - more orders to follow. Thanks again and a Happy New Year.

MS (United Kingdom): Hello John I've received the above order, thanks for sending it quickly and in time for Xmas. Regards

JF (United Kingdom): As usual, a friendly and professional service - Many thanks

RB (Spain): Hi John, Arrived yesterday all correct as usual, Thanks and regards,

JR (United Kingdom): I finally caught up with my parcel today and the items look good. The wheels were a little stiff but only what I'd expect from a mechanism with dried-up lubrication, and a few drops of 3-in-one have worked wonders. Best regards,

BH (United Kingdom): Hi John, Received the parcel today, many thanks. Regards

RB (Spain): Hi John, With reference to the above, the items arrived yesterday all correct as always. Thanks and best regards.

AD (United Kingdom): JOHN My recent order arrived today thanks for the first class service. Cheers

MH (United Kingdom): John Received goods today - the small bearing etc right on the button! Will now try to resurrect the loco!!! Many thanks Kind regards

PM (United Kingdom): Hallo John, Thanks - the tender's fine, great packing too! Best wishes.

DH (United Kingdom): John Received OK. The engine now looks like new. Best regards

GJ (United Kingdom): hello john, rivets & couplings arrived this morning many thanks for such a quick delivery service. best regards.

JR (United Kingdom): hello again john, just to let you know items arrived safe and sound. kind regards.

RB (Australia): Hi John Goods received Thanks again Cheers

JN (United Kingdom): John. Just to let you know that the item arrived safely this morning. Perfect - many thanks ! Regards

GH (United Kingdom): Hello John, all parts arrived safe and sound, thanks. Regards

JR (United Kingdom): Hello John, just to let you know that the castle body and chassis arrived o/k. contact you soon. all the best.

JC (United Kingdom): Hi John. Just to let you know I have received the item today – perfect. Thanks

RS (United Kingdom): Hi John have received above today, many thanks again, yours faithfully.

ML (United Kingdom): Hi John. Item arrived safely, many thanks.

BM (Canada): Hello John, I just got your Power clips. Thanks for the fast shipment. I hope to do business with you in the future. Many thanks.

KR (United Kingdom): Thanks for the info John, I can see from your photos that it is in need of some TLC but provided the motor runs I shall enjoy doing it up. As I have a body waiting can you please add another square head bolt and nut, if you will kindly invoice the new total I will pay you by cheque as before. Thanks for your help I think your website is ideal. Regards.

JR (United Kingdom): Hello john, just to say thank you, the tender top arrived safe and sound, i will be contacting you again soon. many thanks.

AF (Australia): John, just to let you know that the coal wagon tin plate topside arrived safely last week. Fits perfectly. I continue to be interested in Dublo plastic wheels sets should you come across any

JR (United Kingdom): hi john, just to let you know and to say thank you, the two tenders arrived safe and sound, just what i needed. i have posted off the cheque for the city tender top today.
many thanks

HC (United Kingdom): Hi John, Items arrived okay and look brilliant. Many thanks again for your help. Best wishes.

AF (Australia): My first order of dublo fixing nuts and couplers/ rivets arrived safely yesterday .( Monday 20/7 ) Very happy. I will let you know when the second ordered open wagon top arrives

HC (United Kingdom): Hi John, Item arrived okay and looks and runs great. Thank again..

JK (United Kingdom): Many thanks for your trouble and I managed to work out the connections over the weekend. Thanks again and I have saved your site for future purchases!

AC (United Kingdom): It arrived today and works very well indeed. Many thanks. Regards

DJ (United Kingdom): The 2 chimney tops arrived safely this morning. Many thanks for your very prompt and efficient service. Best wishes.

RS (United Kingdom): hi john, bloody brill well pleased, like all the others I have bought, I have not run yet, due to the diary our wives create when nice weather comes, but I am very pleased to say the least of everything you have sold me, once again many thanks, yours faithfully, ps speak to you soon

RAr (Australia): All items arrived this morning and are in excellent condition. Thanks for prompt attention, I will probably be in contact for more things later.

RA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to let you know the parts arrived today and the old train is working fine. Many thanks.

CT (United Kingdom): Hi John Just to let you know I received the chassis I'm sure my friend will love it thanks ever so much for your help. cheers

MW (United Kingdom): John, Many thanks D36 Body received this morning. Perfect Match! Regards

PF (United Kingdom): Hello John. Thanks very much for the spares which arrived yesterday. Have passed your details on to other friends who may also need some bits & pieces. Cheers,

TR (United Kingdom): Many thanks for the parts received on Friday. I now have my own 3-rail Dorchester all for less than a hundred pounds. Also the Wrenn wheels are a whole lot better than the plastic ones on the "genuine article" Great service as usual.

RK (United Kingdom): Success! The coupling is on - slightly looser than the one on the other end, but we tested it with a 2-rail and a 3-rail truck, and it hooked up without any problems. My smallest nail punch didn't do the trick at first, so I tried a 2" nail with a sharp point, and it started to open the rivet, after which the nail punch did the rest. Should the wagon tend to uncouple on points, for example, we can always give the rivet another couple of taps, but for the moment it's back in its box awaiting developments. My next modelling task will be to attach Tenshodo motor bogies to the bases of two Keil Kraft trams and then assemble them. That may be left for the long winter nights. First priority is to insulate and decorate the room and then build the table. Many thanks once again for taking me through the procedure so clearly and patiently and, as we say up here, lang may your lum reek. All the best

RS (United Kingdom): hi john, received motors today, they look brill, once again many thanks,

JF (United Kingdom): Hi John, All has arrived safely and in “one” piece. Now hours of fun. Many thanks,

BW (Netherlands): Package arrived today in perfect condition. My N2 is running again, thanks!! Regards

RB (Spain): Hi John I received the goods promptly ( 1 week after posting ) I am pleased with the chassis, ( just as described). Thank you for your professional service. Regards

LE (United Kingdom) I have received the above items first class service, thank you, will be in touch for more items in the future. By the way nice to meet someone who refers to them as lorries not trucks (it’s a British thing) you know !.By the way I’ve attached another photograph if you want to download it. It was parked there as a windup of the bloke who put up the sign on the porta cabin. best regards

KT.( United Kingdom): John, received the carriages, many thanks, for what I want they are ideal, roofs are off, and will be resprayed, side panels reset, and paintwork can be cut to remove surface scratches and the rest is fair wear and tear...they will have a new lease of life, will use your site again and am interested in a few more old coaches, thankyou..

AR (United Kingdom): Hi John, Chassis arrived safely, many thanks. I'll be back for another soon! Regards

DB (United Kingdom): John Received spares today AOK Regards

PS (United Kingdom): Hi John. Thank you for the spare parts. They fit great. I just need to return to France to run it. The problems of running an international train set!!!!!!!

RW (United Kingdom): Morning John, Chassis arrived safely - very well packed; took me an age to get into them!

RS (United Kingdom): hi john just a quick e-mail to say thanks received items today, great service will be in touch.............
TJ (United Kingdom): John, You're a star. Thank you very much. If you ever have a problem with, or want to know anything about motor insurance claims (especially personal injury), then I'll be able to return the favour. Cheers

DB (United Kingdom): Hello again John. Spares arrived today many thanks. I now require the following an E37,C77,E64 and a screw for securing chassis to body for a castle. Can you let me know how much and I will send the cheque as before. Regards

CA (United Kingdom): Hello John, Just to let you know that my order arrived safely this morning. I will now set about doing the opposite to what most have been doing for the past 50 years and convert a couple of locos back from 2 rail to three rail. Wonderful thing nostalgia and sentiment. Thanks and have a happy Christmas Best wishes

BC (France): Hello John, I received the package this morning at the post Thank you very much, it's excellent! Thanks again, Best wishes,

MN (USA): Hello John, The brushes and spanner arrived yesterday. Thanks for the prompt shipment. Regards,

TR (United Kingdom): John Many thanks for the neatly engineered kit. Now fitted and working like a dream.

BC (France): Hello John, The parts have arrived today .. It's OK, thank you very much Best regards-

SL (New Zealand){ Hi John I don't know what you have done to the postal service because the parcel is here already !!! Two more things you may be able to help me with. All the buffer stops in NZ have disappeared and I need another 4 to complete this layout. Secondly I will delay the GWR conversion till last. If you should come across a body then it would be the real thing and that will save me converting a standard domed body so if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye out it would be appreciated I realise this is probably going to cost more than a standard body but I have seen one on E**y recently. Thanks again for a fantastic service Regards

DS (USA): Hello, John! I wanted to let you know that the motor arrived late last week, and I installed it this week on Monday. The engine now runs! Wooo Hoooo! I do have one question for you. As I've mentioned before, my model train experience has been limited to live steam engines in scales running on 45mm track. I have good success tuning them up. However, tuning up an HO electric engine is not something I've previously attempted. After installing the new motor, I see that at slow speeds the engine runs easily through about 1/2 of a driver revolution, and then not well through the second 1/2. So, it kind of lurches along at slow speeds. Before assembling it, I carefully cleaned all gombu that I could see/reach, and used small amounts of a good modeling lubrication oil. I've also checked all of the external "for show" drive gear rods, etc., and don't see anything binding. I know that the motor you send was a good runner, so I am not thinking it is the problem. Perhaps there's something I can do/check on the drive screw? If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them! Many thanks, again, for providing such a wonderful service to this hobby! Steve (the owner of this locomotive) is *very* happy that it's running again! Cheerio,

DS (United Kingdom): Hi John, Arrived safely today, many thanks. I’m sure that you will be hearing from me again! Regards

GG (United Kingdom): Thanks for everything John, the items arrived this morning (Tuesday) and I'm very pleased. Kindest regards

TG (United Kingdom): Hello John, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent quality of the rewinds on the two armatures, they look new. I have not had a chance to fit them yet, but I am sure they will breathe new life into an old loco. Best wishes

SL (New Zealand): Don’t know how you do it John!!!! Parcel arrived today. Many thanks

CB (United Kingdom) Hello John, Items received today in the post, arrived safe and sound. Chassis for the duchess has been swapped out (a rather tight fit but done). Tested and works fine. The A4 will be attended to when I have a free moment. Many thanks, Regards,

AL (United Kingdom): Dear John, received the spares I ordered this morning, well packaged and safe. Thank you. Regards

RB (United Kingdom): Hello John, Pick-ups received yesterday, very pleased with them. Thanks very much.

WC (United Kingdom): Hello John, Thanks for e-mail and all your help. I will keep your contact for any more wants in future but getting a Bristol Castle is really a bit of nostalgia for me. When I had my layout as a boy I always wanted one but could never afford it. Regards


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